Friday, October 07, 2016

Paloma Turns One!

It's a's a plane....
{spotting un avion}

It's la bonita Palomita!!!

You are the CUTEST!  
My brown-eyed girl! 
Ms. pixie hair. 
Ms. Ears pierced.
Ms. Happy all the time! (except when you're not)
My little leche-loving baby!
Yes win! 
You are Ms. ATL!!  THE  Paloma Espinoza!
Once she is old enough to read this 'ol bloggy blog, she will see the lack of planning thrown into this one year birthday party.  But!  What you have to remember is...THAT DRESS IS EVERYTHING!! (Thank you Jessica!)
(Plus I vow to make it up to you at your two year birthday party!)

You dug right into this red velvet cupcake.
Right after your brothers sang you happy birthday!

Boy do they love their little sister.

How you have grown over the last year Paloma.  Your hair especially! A full head of near black hair to practically no hair at 5-7 months.

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