Saturday, September 03, 2016

ELEVEN MONTHS {Paloma's Monthly Photo}

* You are now standing on your own. You will take steps with help.

* Sticking your tounge out on command.

* You still love music and dancing, but you have added snapping your fingers to the beat! No sound yet, but keep trying mama!

* You are playing more and more with your hermanos. Hitting and everything!

* Mami still nurses you to sleep most nights, other nights you soothe yourself. You also aren't a stranger to CIO. (Crying-it-out) Either way you sleep like a champ all night and usually wake up with a HUGE black poopie (TMI?) and a smile!

* Your favorite fruit, hands down, is blueberries. (hence the black poopie)

* You love this little barn toy (from grandma) with animals that sings a catchy tune.

* You just started putting your hands out (palms up) to say "where is so-and-so". Mostly Titi.

* You LOVE LOVE LOVE Titi. You follow him around and lovingly swat him in the face. You are making a noise that we think is a meow. I am pretty sure Titi will be your first word.

* You started saying uh-oh (is that a word?)

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