Friday, April 15, 2016

Four ALMOST Perfect [Mid-Century Modern] Houses!

The whole time we were in San Diego, we kept up with new home listings in Atlanta. We told ourselves that if the perfect house came up while we were gone, I would just fly home (with Paloma) and check it out.
Since we are looking for a specific style of house (mid century modern) I can tell just from looking from the outside if it is one we are interested in. For example, this one above!
It was love at first sight! The white brick and large windows! Ugh! The cutout bricks on the carport!?
LOVE!! Oh! And check out the hardware on the door! So great!
I was equally impressed with the inside. The bright entrance with slate floors...
Living and dining room with the large windows
Plus, a family room with vaulted beam ceilings, fireplace, wood wall between kitchen, built-ins
The kitchen obviously needs to be updated gutted, but that is exactly what I want!
It is a great size. I would want to open up the wall to the front living area to create an open concept.
The price is right on this beauty too. The bad part is that it has no basement. And that is a DEAL BREAKER! Wha-waaaaaa! Soooooo dissapointing.
Another one came on the market a couple days later. It is so gorgeous I would eat beans and rice for a year if we could swing it. But besides the price being too high, it is in the wrong area of town. (not in Globe Academy district)
Do you want to see it anyway? I thought so. It is so awesome!
Behold...this 1962 masterpiece (with a basement!)
Look at this entrance!! I'm dying over here!
A closer look at those doors. The brass hardware is EVERYTHNG!
Are you ready for this foyer?
Are you feeling this????? Can you see why Im in love?
AY!! The gorgeous vintage wallpaper, the railing, the window, the beams! Ridiculous!
Ok, I could do without the green carpet.
But again...the vaulted ceilings, the windows, the beams!
How about another big family room with a fireplace? Yes, have some.
The back of the house is equally awesome. Great patio, Good size yard.
An all around winner....if our budget was $700k. Damn it!!
This one just came on the market, (and was pending in one day) and I really like it. I just wish it was a little more south. Ernesto and I have kind of drawn a line as to how far north we would move, and this is above that line. (Shallowford exit on 85 for you Atlantans)
Again with the white brick. LOVE.
Slate floor entrance, beams, brick fireplace.
Cool lights too! This Sputnick chandelier is a favorite! My new house will definitely have one!
The kitchen is not my style. ..
BUT! I dislike the back splash and I am over black granite counters. White would look so much better with wood. I would keep the WOLF stove (duh!) and I really like the wood cabinets (surprise!) but I would change the top ones out for white, bust through that wall and make the stove on an island open to the living room. Yeah, I do this with every house.
Love this room. A second living area on the main floor! Also, I will be getting that black and wood Eames chair for Ernesto. He has always wanted a recliner...this is one we both can love.
Ok, are you still with me? Do you see the kind of house we are looking for? Do you like this style?
Let me show you one last house.
THE MOTHER MCM HOUSE OF ALL HOUSES. And guess what? It is IN our price range!!
It is just not IN our city. Ha!
It is in Rome GA, about an hour NW of Atlanta. (30 min south of Chattanooga TN)
Now, I have never been to Rome, but you better believe that I did a little research. Because this house is a DREAM HOUSE!! A FOREVER HOUSE!
It even has a name. Welcome to SKYHAVEN! I think Don Draper actually lived here.
Behold the 1955 Mid-century Modern Masterpiece
It was built by famous Atlanta Architect Joe Amisano. I dont know him, but I like him.
This is an estate. My kids could get lost here.
OK this kitchen, I am not liking, but the Sub-Zero fridge and Viking range would definitely stay! The cabinets are fine too, but the counter and back splash would have to go. Also the island needs to be changed to a big square or rectangle. The curves and stainless supports are not good.
This bath is fine, I could live with the glass tile, but I don't really like it. Love the toilet.
Up a spiral staircase to the "Skybar" as it has been named.
The upper level for entertaining (or a kids space as I see it).
OK WHO wants to go in on this house? I think this could be a great money maker.
Air BNB this thing out for $400/night. "Stay in the ULTIMATE MAD MEN HOUSE!"
Just need to figure out what there is to do in Rome GA!?
Rome has 3 rivers running through it, so there must be adventure activities and tours.
There are 7 hills in Rome and this home sits atop one of them called Turnbull.
There are 2 Starbucks and one TJMaxx, I already checked, so technically I could live there. Ha!
Oh what a dreamer I am....It's so fun though! We are actually going to take a day trip this week and check it out. Just for shits and giggles. Why not?
As for the Atlanta house, we will have to keep looking.
Do you like following along with our house hunt?


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