Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Road Trip: Asheville!

Gosh! It had been a whole year since we last drove to Asheville to visit my Brother...aka tio Brrrrian. What? How did that happen? We picked the kids up from school Friday, and stopped to see a house (a ranch fixer upper) on our way out of town. The kids promptly fell asleep, we stopped for Bucky bucks, and we were on our way. Ahhhhhhhh two hours of peace and quiet!
Even with the leaves gone on the trees, it's a beautiful drive.
We had a very relaxed fun weekend. Saturday morning around noon, we took the kids to a park and although it was quite chilly, they ran around playing frisbee.
Baby girl was sleeping so I brought her out undercover. No one knew who she was.
She enjoyed her first time cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway and both her and sus hermanos were sleeping before we knew it.
A late lunch at King Daddy's was so satisfying. Great choice tia Kyja!
While the others devoured habanero chicken and big fluffy waffles, I was in heaven eating this warm sesame kale salad with pickled beets and pears. Oh my!
Not even 3 hours later, we were sitting at Kyja's school fundraiser eating a big Italian meal. (Prepared and served by her students) STUFFED! After dinner we walked next door to her co-workers house and had a wonderful evening of adult conversation while six kids ran around the house. The two new kids on the block (mine) made themselves at home and were sad to leave their new friends.
I always feel a hike is in order when we visit Asheville. I mean, if you can climb up to see this view, how could you not?
The name Lookout Mountain really fits, doesn't it? (Located in Montreat, a cute little town not far from Asheville.) This is a hike we have done before, but it had been a while! Yeah, we were kid-less the last time we hiked it, which seems like forever ago.
It was pretty great though seeing my little girl snuggled up to her papi for her first hike and and my little boys climbing a mountain like it was nothing. AND in rainboots no less!!
Unfortunately, I did not bring any shoes that were appropriate for a hike, so, instead of buying new shoes (which I considered) I doubled on thick socks and wore Ernesto's boots.
Surprisingly, they were very comfortable.
Being the great mountain dog that he is, Bruno was back and forth on the trail trying to herd us together. (Between jumping and flipping for [snow]balls.)
The boys were fascinated with these swords icicles.
Talk about dangerous! Even with a bandaged hand, Mateo was ready to break these off and start swinging. His bandaged hand helped him hold the ice. Yes, he had an unfortunate run-in with tio Brrrian's wood burning stove. Poor baby.
Per his usual, he was tough. He did cry, which is to say it hurt like hell, because it takes a lot to make him cry in pain. That was his first burn though. Bumps, bruises and cuts are his specialty so this was somethin' different.
Baby girl slept in the carrier the whole way up and when almost back to the car she wanted a little snacky snack.
Mountain breastfeeding is a new one for me. Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low....to keep me from feeding you babe. (Don't ask, that just popped in my head)
Not too long ago, I found out that there is a West Elm Outlet in Asheville (15 minutes from my bros) so I had to sneak out before the Super Bowl and see what I didn't need could score.
At more than half off the retail store, how could I not buy this wool Charm Rug? Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?? It is sooooo soft and fluffy (and shed-y) It's wool.
Then on our way home, we stopped for lunch and coff coff in Biltmore Village. Cantina had decent Mexican fare, at least my mango chicken salad was rico, but what I really wanted was to do some shopping. I yelped and found Bon Vivant, a multi-dealer vintage shop.

This painting caught my eye first for the colors. I love orange so much! I am more drawn to abstract paintings normally, but this one had me at first glance. The fact that it depicts the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego was the ONLY reason Ernesto agreed to let me buy it. (That sounds as if I need his permission to buy something, but a house full of my stuff tells a different story) It is HUGE and it is awesome. The vintage frame is not my favorite (with its red-Ish stripe) but it does add to the charm.
Now to find that mid century house for my mid century painting!!
Thanks tios Brrrian and Kyja for your hospitality!! We had a great time. Now it's your turn. Come on over!
Oh! And just to end with a laugh, if you want to know what you are going to look like in 40 years, download the app Age Booth and you will see into the future. Oh the laughs! This app is a real party starter, let me tell ya.
I think we look pretty good "for our age." What do you think?

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