Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year [2015]

We have finally finished lighting up Atlanta. Ernesto worked until Dec 14th. Wow! That was a crazy couple months. Did I just have a baby and survive a lighting season?? Whaaaaa??
I don't know how it is possible to be fully engrossed in the Christmas season yet not be ready for Christmas. At all. My tubs were down from the attic, yet not unpacked. Ernesto hung a fresh wreath on our door (that was left over from one of our jobs) and that felt festive, but I was missing all of my beautiful glass ornaments, our stockings, my lucite reindeer, a decorated mantle and HELLO?? A tree!!
We waited for Ernesto to be finished before driving to the Forrest Park Farmers Market to pick out a tree.
They had a huge selection. It seems I always want a tree that is too big for our house. Last year I got one that was too wide, so our mission was tall (8-9 ft) and skinny.
It seems weird to be picking out a tree with t-shirts on right? We have hit freezing one night so far, but it's been pretty warm here. Marcelo and baby girl were asleep in the car, so Mateo weighed in on the decision.
We got a beauty for around $50, which is a bit cheaper than the box stores, plus it felt more personal because actual farmers are coming to sell their trees here.
The guy helping us gave our tree a fresh cut with a chainsaw, then it got pulled though this thingy to get wrapped.
And strapped on the top of our car.
Later that day, "the pro" had us all set up...
...and we got to decorating.
My favorite ornaments on the tree this year....

That is Marcelo's "don't mess with me" face and Mateo's "hurry up and take that picture" smile. Classic!

Ok tree up. Check! Lights and ornaments. Check! Outside lights. Check check!
Next up, a visit to Lenox Mall to see Santa ...and get some Bucky Bucks. It felt so good to not be in a rush. I'm not exactly sure why but getting coffee out is so special. Besides just loving a strong, dark coffee, it signifies relaxing and enjoying yourself. Being out with my whole family for the first time in a couple weeks was special.
Baby eating, kids quiet on my phone, chatting with mi esposo, and coffee. Ahhhhhhhh!
One good thing about our late visits to Santa is that there is never a line. We go on a weekday morning the week before Christmas and we get him all to ourselves.
Our official pic did not get all three babies looking at the camera, but that is just how it's going to be now right?
I caught this one on my phone and Paloma is the only one looking at me. God she is so cute!
Visited Santa. Check! On to more lights!
On to the lights!! It had been a couple years that we have gone to see the lights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It is so expensive magical .
At the entrance the kids saw someone selling these light bulb necklaces and wanted them badly.
My kids get anything they ask for...NOT! BUT!! Knowing what a runner Marcelo is, we paid the $20 (for two) with no regrets. These boys were all over the place, running like they had not been outside for weeks.
With so many people walking around, and so many little paths to take, those necklaces really helped keep them on our radar.
The lights were amazing, as usual, and the smores station was a huge hit.
It was a little chilly out, but as you can see we were just wearing sweaters. Atlanta weather is nutty. Still hoping for a white Christmas in Ohio...but it's not looking good.
What plans do you guys have for Christmas?
We will be flying up to Ohio early next week to spend Christmas with my family. I'm so excited to see everyone, and everyone is excited to see.....wait for it.....Paloma!!
I'll leave you with a few photos of some new lighting jobs this year. It was a great year folks but boy did we work for it! I think we deserve a few 9 months off! LOL

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