Monday, April 06, 2015

Happy Easter

I hope you guys had a SWEET Easter!  We certainly did.  The weather was gorgeous here in Atlanta and our neighborhood network threw together an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning.   It was a HUGE hit with the kids.

The Easter bunny made an appearance at the park.  Mateo was ready to give a list of what he wanted in his Easter basket......but then got a little to scared to approach himself.  Marcelo on the other hand, walked right up to him for a hug.
I love our neighborhood so much!  Any other friends want to move here?  Its a great place for families and has the best farmers market!  (which starts this Sunday. Im so excited!)

Easter was laidback and wonderful.

Mateo was crazy excited for the Easter bunny and drug us downstairs at 6:30 am to make sure he had eaten the carrots and arugula we left out for him.  Mateo found his basket behind the laundry room door in less than one minute.  Marcelo's was hidden behind the living room curtains, and big brother spotted it first. 


The Easter bunny brought candy, a few small wrapped toys and a battery TOOTHBRUSH!! What a smart bunny.  They were excited to brush!  They enjoyed the spoils without too much parental control. What the heck!?  

Ernesto worked a little on our patio (which should be finished soon!) while the kids played outside.  Smita & Rashid, Sean & Lucy and their kids celebrated with us at a 5pm ham dinner.
We colored eggs with the boys on Saturday, for the third time.  They really like this activity.   Ernesto We had an accident with the Easter egg tree one night and we had a lot of eggs to replace.  Our huge tree of 24 eggs went down to 8. 
The makeshift tree/orchid was festive along with some gorgeous yellow tulips and a buquet of purple hyacthins.

Although nothing compares to my mom's holiday celebrations, we were able to throw together a memorable feast, complete with great friends around the table.  I stuck to my moms traditional menu of ham, potatoes, salad and eggs, but was missing two key items.  The homemade bread and fresh horseradish.  Ugh!  Like I said, nothing compares to my mom's holidays. 

Did you follow any special traditions or maybe creat some new ones??

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