Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Mom Turns the BIG 7-0 Today!

Is 70 old?  Not if you are Elaine Arnold!  Happy Birthday to my mom.  The best mom ever.  The most selfless woman I have ever known.  The most giving mom (both of her time and otherwise!).  The best grandma. (like get on your 70 year old knees and play kind of grandma)  The best DIYer.  The best recycler. The best gardener.  The best thrifter.  The best sea shell collecter.  The best seamstress.  The best craft room organizer.  And last but not least -the best online scrabble player.
My dad just texted this picture yesterday.  Always up for an adventure,  they hopped on a plane to Florida to escape the winter madness that is Ohio.
She is celebrating all week long, luckily with an overnight in Atlanta on her way back from Florida.  If a seventieth birthday isn't reason enough to break out the gold silverware flatware, then I don't know what is!!
We will be anxiously awaiting you mom! All 70 candles burning!  We love you!  Thanks for all you do!

Birthday dinner was delicious (Salmon, purple potatoes and roasted broccolli) and the carrot bundt cake  turned out perfectly.  My mom told me that she was secretly hoping for a carrot cake too:)
The kids helped her blow out her candles and open her gift.  A mega birdfeeder!!

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