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On Using Cloth Diapers

{Marcelo - 2 months}

When I got pregnant with Mateo, I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper my baby.  I noticed how popular/common it had become with bloggers etc and I wanted in on "the fun!" I read up on it and my cousin recommended that I try Fuzzibunz.  She had been using them on her daughter and loved them (thanks Diane!) 

However, when the time came and I brought home this little 7 lb infant, I really didn't want to add anything that required [what seemed] "more work."  This is what I thought, and unfortunately what a lot of people will tell you when you say you are going to use cloth vs disposables.  Once you get started though, you see that it really isn't a big deal at all.  In fact, Im not sure why you wouldn't use them.  

I would like to say that I use cloth diapers for practical reasons, like how earth-friendly they are, or even for economic reasons, because these are really important, and they do make me feel good. But the main reason for me is that they are so darn cute.  

I love using them as shorts so I can enjoy those chunky legs!! 

Let me say that I am not a cloth diapering fanatic nor expert.  I have been cloth diapering now for over two years and I think its smart and easy!  I have had several people ask me about it, so I thought I would share what works for me.    Hopefully this could inspire one of you to give it a try too.  Don't be scared!  If I can do it you can...I always take the easy route, so you know it can't be hard!
  1. I use FuzziBunz and Bum Genius cloth diapers.  These are AIO (all-in-one) diapers.  They have a cloth insert and come in a one-size fits all.  These will last you through potty training. I bought a 6 pack of Fuzzibunz on Amazon (then $109) when I was pregnant with Mateo.  I used some of my baby shower Target gift cards to buy another 6 Bum Genius. (This may seem like a lot to spend, but these pay for themselves if you calculate what you would spend after a few months of using disposables.)  12 is a good number to start with, but I eventually bought another 6 FB just to extend washing.  I wash diapers every 4-5 days. 
  2. I started using cloth diapers on Mateo at 6 months/Marcelo at 1 month.   Partly because I was intimidated, and partly because I seemed to be doing less diaper changes at the 6 month point.  At the beginning, babies go through so many diapers a day.  Plus the diapers seemed too bulky.  With Marcelo I bought my friends huge supply of "size small" Fuzzibunz and started with him much earlier.  Marcelo has now outgrown them and I'll be passing them on to Lucy.
  3. I rinse the diapers the old fashioned way.  You can buy a diaper sprayer that attaches on the toilet.  I wanted to buy this and just never got around to it.  It would be especially handy when the poopie is not solid yet.  Of course now Im used to just swishing the [poopy] diaper out right in the toilet so I don't feel like spending $60 on it.  If it is just a wet diaper I separate the liner and throw both the cover and liner into the pail. 
  4. I have a DEKOR diaper pail and 2 Planet Wise diaper pail liners.  The bags make it easy because you never have to touch the dirty diapers.  Just pour them right into the washer and toss the bag in as well.  I always let the bag air dry so I have 2 to rotate. Easy.  The diaper pail does keep the smell in check until wash day.
  5. I wash the cloth diapers with Charlie's Soap.  It is recommended that you use less soap when washing cloth diapers. Go figure!  With Charlie's Soap, you use so little that the 2.6 lb bucket will last for months and months. Totally worth the $15 price tag.  (I use it just for diapers, but it would also be great for baby clothes as it is fragrance free and hypoallergenic so it won't irritate skin.)  Before washing in hot water, run a cold rinse cycle.  Diapers come out white every time. It's really amazing how easily they wash. After two years of use, they still look new. Every once in a while I will throw in a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle to keep them smelling fresh. 
  6. No leaks, no blowouts, no rash!  End of story.  Well,  there is "user error" to account for.  If you leave them on too long, they will leak.  You do have to change them more frequently than disposables.  If you have them too loose, there could be a blowout!   
  7. I use disposables at night and when we travel.  Like I said, Im not hardcore.  I have disposables stashed in the car, so that is one less thing to remember when I leave the house. Sometimes when we travel for longer periods of time, it would make sense to take the cloth diapers with us, but....no, too much space.  I did buy the zipper top Planet Wise wet bag for travel, but ended up using it more for wet clothes than dirty diapers.  My kids sleep 10-12 hours at night and drink so much that disposables are ready to explode in the am, so 
  8. These will hold up to pass on to someone or sell.  You will get half your money back by selling these on CL or ebay.  Not a bad ROI at all.
So, what do you think? are you sold? Any questions?  

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  1. cloth diapers have changed a lot in the last forty years. mom


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