Friday, March 27, 2015

House To-Do List

Happy Friday!!  There are so many house projects we want to complete, and so little time.  I'm not getting much farther than the initial “I want to do it” phase.  I can make all kinds of excuses (two of them are upstairs sleeping right now), but that’s neither here nor there. The plan? A to-do list! That will get things moving along right?  Actually this will overwhelm Ernesto, but it's better that I write it out, because, if I was talking to him, he would not listen for more than a few items.

Here’s what you can expect to see us working on this year.  

(I started this list a couple months ago, so some of the tasks are already crossed off the list.  That makes me feel accomplished, so I left them on the list!)

*  Cabinets professionally painted and new hardware (scheduled for April)

*  New window shades

*  New pendant lights

*  Find Persian/vintage rug


*  New light and vanity (see plan here)

*  Wallpaper


*  Organize/style shelves

*  Add sheepskins to chairs

*  Wax n Feed table


*  New couch

*  Move [now tv stand] nightstands up to my bedroom and find new piece for tv

*  Sew slipcover for ottoman


*  Get bed reupholstered (must find fabric first!)

*  Finish painting

*  Build floating frame for Indian tapestry (Ernesto obvs)

*  Put up ceiling medallion and re-wire vintage chandelier

*  Hang artwork

*  Find HUGE rug


*  Paint house (color undecided)

*  Install shutters on windows

*  Install patio in back yard (installing going on now-post coming!)

*  Turn weeds back into grass or relay sod

*  Plant bushes/move trees

*  Finish compost pile

*  Gravel under deck

*  Hang new house numbers

*  New front door

*  New porch lights

*  More blue pots

*  New porch swing cushion


*  New sconces in stairwell

*  Paint wide horizontal stripes in stairwell

*  New roman shades in 2 bedrooms (purchased but need installed yet)

*  Finish painting spindle beds for boys room

*  Frame artwork [that was found curbside]

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