Monday, November 18, 2013

Get to Work!!

Noooooo, I didn't get a job! HA!

This morning I dropped Mateo off at pre-school and he said "byeeeeeeee mama" before we got in the building.  Once inside he blew me a kiss, said byeeee again and ran off.  It took 7 days of school to figure it out, but he finally gets it.  He is going to have fun and mama is coming back for him.

Today instead of going home, or going shopping, I stopped at Joe's East Atlanta just down the street from Mateo's school.
Yes, that is me sitting in my desk.   This coffee house will be my office for the next three hours and Im going to enjoy it immensely.  Baby is sleeping, cafe americanos are flowing and I am blogging!

Im sure you are wondering how I spent my 40th birthday, so stay tuned, because details are coming!!

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