Monday, August 05, 2013

The Arnold's Visit Atlanta!

I had wanted Bill & Barbie to come so badly.  We had had so much fun last summer when they were here.  You know, it's not too often that we get visitors.  This was actually the main reason we had another people would come visit us!** (people other than my parents, who are monthly visitors at the Casa Espinoza...we love having!!) 
But they had so much going on.  Barbie is a teacher and didn't have much time left before starting back to school.  My brother Tim was in Ohio one weekend and the next weekend our niece Kelli was graduating from OSU.  That week in between was the only time they were free.  I told them not to worry, we would get up to Ohio soon enough.   

I was really surprised when my brother Bill called to tell me his family was actually driving to Atlanta to visit us.  
He:  Puckwaa, I've got some bad news....
Me:  It's ok Puckwaa, I know you guys are busy, and it's a way to drive for just 3 days. 
He:  I cut myself shaving this morning.
Me:  Haha
He:  We will see you in Atlanta this Tuesday!
Me:  Yeah!!!!!!

We had such a great time, our two families of four.
(Barbie-I had to use this picture because your butt really balances out our elbows on the other side.  Plus this was the best picture of all of our faces:) 
We had three full days to plan and the first one was raining all day.  There was a lot of this...
Relaxing in pj's.  Ok, these guys did not relax at all. They were playing, running and getting into things all day.  And, truth be told it was really just me that stayed in my pj's all day...but, come on,  when this is your job, it makes sense to stay as comfy as possible, doesn't it?
In the afternoon the pouring rain turned into a drizzle so we walked down to the corner coffee shop for an ice cream cone and then let the kids wear themselves out at the playground. 
The next day was a zoo outing, which, fortunately for us is only a 10 minutes walk down the street. 
So. Easy.  The kids had a great time with the animals, but especially riding the train and carousel. Mateo and Luke were both passed out in the strollers (see top left pic) 5 minutes into our walk home. 
This Summer Atlanta opened the Skyview Ferris Wheel in Centennial Park downtown. The wheel is almost 20 stories high with 42 gondolas that  hold up to 6 people.  Of course we had 8 people which was fine since the kids are small. 
 I would say it is definitely a "must do" in Atlanta.
It was awesome being up so high.  Even with the  walls being glass, the kids weren't scared. I have to admit, it did make my stomach feel weird (in a good roller coaster kind of way), but what a view!

*Having a baby really does bring people to YOU.  We had visitors for the first 5 weeks of Marcelo's life (spaced out of course!) and it was wonderful.  Thanks to everyone who made the trip/drive!  Just missing one more sibling visit to make it complete.  When are you coming Tim & Michelle??

**Barbie is a "super-mom" so I like being around her in hopes she teaches me a few things. She studied childhood development and teaches family consumer science, so she always has great ideas for kids and adults alike.  On this trip she taught me how to read my food labels.  Duh! We have already cut out the high fructose corn syrup, but why was I not buying natural peanut butter/ all fruit jelly? I eat that all the time. And why would I not make pancakes from scratch? We don't eat them often, but they are so easy to make and don't have anything hydrogenated in it! Done! I have eaten a half a jar of the "new" peanut butter by myself this week and I feel a lot more healthy! ha.  Seriously though, these are little things that add up. We don't eat a lot of processed foods, but I am going to make sure the ones we do eat will be healthy ones.  Price be damned!
We also witnessed her handle a full on child breakdown at bedtime...perfectly calm.   She's my idol! Thanks for the good example Barbie!

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  1. I think this is my first time commenting on your blog! What a nice compliment! Thank you! I guess I won't ask you to remove my bad butt shot! Your comment balanced it out! Hahahaha

    I think you are a great mom too!
    Love yeeee,


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