Saturday, July 13, 2013

Marcelo: Week Two

Mi quierido Marcelo,
You are two weeks old already!!  How has time gone so fast when we aren't even doing anything?  You had your second car ride when we went to your first Dr. check up.  You gained 2 lbs in one week!  Yes you are a great eater!  

We ventured out a couple other times now that your mama is feeling better & more mobile!  I put you in the moby wrap and we walked to our weekly farmers market.  You were very content being close to mama, but we were both so hot we we arrived.  You let out a loud scream that caused everyone at the chef demo to turn and see who has the lungs.  Your papi took you out to cool off and sit for a minute con tu hermano in the stroller.  How is Mateo so big all of a sudden??
He has adjusted quite nicely in the last week.  He likes to tell me right away if he hears you stirring. He throws his finger up in the air signaling "Listen! El bebe!" His signal for "bebe Marcelo" is rubbing his eye with his fist (like wah wah wah) and when you are sleeping he tells me by signing "shhhh" with his finger.   This goes on all day, because, sleep all day. 

You also sleep all night, waking up once, or at the most twice to eat and get your diaper changed.  Your mama is very happy about this. 

You are not the least bit fussy either.  You let out little squeaks here and there.  Nothing that has lasted more than 30 seconds.   Probably the loudest we heard you so far was on our second family outing to Ikea.  Again, you were very hot.  I lifted you out of the car seat and you immediately calmed down.  This week we also went out for Thai food and you slept through the whole thing. Best. Sleeper. Ever.

Did I mention that you are perfect?

Your papi y hermano gave you your first sponge bath this week.  I was so happy that you enjoyed it.  
Coincidentally (or not), your umbilical cord fell off later that day!!  (day 11)

Your tia Jenny was concerned that your hermano may try to climb up on your bassinet to peek in and flip it over.  I don't know why she would think that he would do something like that....
I stood by (closely) to watch.  Turns out he just wanted to give you a kiss.  Awww.
Unfortunately, those couple kisses could be the reason you caught a little cold.  One that Mateo caught just the day before.   I guess this is common with two kids, but ugh!  Sick at only two weeks?  I felt so sad for you, crying that night for fear that you wouldn't be able to sleep.  After seeing that you would not sleep well laying flat in your bassinet, I laid you in your car seat at 11pm and you only woke up once that night.   I guess that was the trick. 
Although I am no pro, I am definitely feeling more comfortable with being a mom to an infant.  I must say though, you are making it so easy for me Marcelo, my little mexi-can #2.  

Te quiero much mi amor,
tu mama

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  1. Aw, he's so cute. And Mateo does look really big all of a sudden, but I guess that happens once two comes along. I had the same thing happen with the cold when my girl was two weeks old. Caught a cold from her big bro. It was a few terrible nights.


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