Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy First Fathers Day!

This year was definitely a special fathers day.  It was fun to think of it as Ernesto's day.  He is "doing a good job" as Matiti's papi and although, at times,  I may be slightly more popular because of my leche,  Mateo loves being around his papi all day.  He gives him "besos" all the time and likes being thrown in the air and tickled until uncontrollable giggles ensue.   Fathers day morning Mateo gave his papi a handmade (er, footmade?) gift.
Mateo picked out his favorite pictures of papi and him and had them printed into a book called "yo quiero a mi papi!" ( I love my papi) It turned out really cute and papi loved it.  Not surprisingly, there were many pictures of siestas taken together.  Birth to 9 months (on the 20th!) has been so much fun.
Of course a special thanks to my dad goes on the bloggy blog too!  I sent him a nice sappy card saying this, (and I know you have heard me say it before but) Dad, you are the best!  Thanks for being so supportive, funny and generous with both your love and time for my little family.  We love you so much!  ...and hope you will get down here for your June visit!

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