Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Soon for Baby Shopping?

Today at Marshalls, I was perusing through the baby section.  Nooooo, not for me, Silly.  My sister-in-law is due in April and her baby shower is this Saturday [in San Diego].  I found some really cute gifts for her too.  It was fun shopping for a baby!  I have noticed that I am more interested in baby stuff now, but I haven't actually purchased anything for myself.......until today
When I saw this belly casting kit, I couldn't pass it up!  Just last week I was thinking how cool this would be.  I don't know why it didn't cross my mind that my husband is a master paper mache-er.  Remember his Halloween mask?  Oh well, he will still be the master!   This kit comes with everything you need and cost me $12.99, half price of Amazon and other stores.

The directions say to make the cast 2 weeks before your due date just in case you go into labor early and haven't done it yet. Only 27 more weeks!  I will have to think about what I'd like it to look like, because you know it will be hanging somewhere in my house.  Natural white? Ooooo or maybe gold leaf???  Totally exciting! 

Did any of you made a cast when you were pregnant?  I would love to see how it turned out.

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