Thursday, September 17, 2009


It didn´t take long after arriving in Mexico to remember why I fell in love with this country 15 years ago.  
{San Miguel de Allende}

If you have been following me on twitter or Facebook, then you know we are having a great time on our tour.  We haven´t been spending much time on the internet because we are busy (believe it or not) trying to see as much as we can.  We are now at Ernesto´s cousins house in Guadalajara (our last stop) and will fly direct to Atlanta next week. 
I will be working full time for the Christmas Light Pros (ie: Ernesto) until xmas and then?  Do you seriously think I know what will be happening 3 months in advance? Srsly?
{el Mirador en Guanajuato}
Since flying to Mexico on the 26th of September, we have visited:
Mexico City
San Miguel de Allende
I can honestly say, this is one of my best trips... for many reasons:

1- I am traveling in Mexico for one month, hello?  This country is so diverse in its landscape, food and traditions.  I have been so happy learning all about it and of course speaking Spanish. 

2- I am with Ernesto, the best travel partner ever (Joann, you are a close second) and we have become even closer. (togetherness 24 hours a day will do that) I love him so much! 

3- We have met so many wonderful people!  Some of whom  opened their homes to us, even though we didn´t  know them previously.

4- We are eating the best food! (even though we were sick for 24 hours because of something we ate, it was worth it)  I have tried so many new things, some of which I will be trying to recreate on Viva la Cocina (my mexican cooking blog)

5- I completed the most intense physical challenge in my life riding a bike from Durango to Mazatlan (200 miles!) The best part was that all the Espinozas were there waiting at the finish -that meant a lot to us!  I cried.  (also due to extreme exhaustion)

6- I have soooooooo much to blog about!  Over the next month or so I will be sharing our trip step by step, city by city, with photos and narration - VivaCindy style!  
{La Bufa en Zacatecas}

My old fashioned journal writing on this trip will come in handy as I want to give the names of great restaurants and places we slept etc. so you can refer to it when you take your Mexico trip.  Be on the lookout for my series of VivaMexico posts!  I know you will be inspired! 


  1. Suena super chevere Cindy! Felicidades a ti y a Ernesto que estan haciendo lo que siempre han querido!

  2. i'm going to be travelling through athens/atlanta next month!!! NEED TO SEE YOU! let's make it happen!

  3. ps that picture of Neto with the 'stache keeps cracking me up!


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