Friday, February 06, 2009

New Apartment in San Jose

It had been the plan, that after xmas, Ernesto and I would get our own apt. I feel lucky that things worked out as they did. Kate has been a great roommate, and I am glad that I stayed with her for that time. It was great not having to be alone for the time Ernesto was in Atlanta working. Maureen and Lauren living a 5 minute walk away. A lot of great girl time!
But, I must say, I am ready to have my husband back! We had been apart for many trips, even up to 2 ½ weeks, but this was ridiculous!
I kind of forget what it was like, just the 2 of us living together. The good thing is that I am really excited to refresh my memory. It didn’t take me too long to find a place, I only looked at 2 actually. My 2 criteria: location and being furnished….oh yes, and price! I am living on a budget down here! Monday I was able to move our stuff in and I must say it is a whole new ball game already.
Ideas are running through my head constantly of how I can make it pretty. One of the biggest things missing in my Costa Rican life is decorating. The frustrating part is that now that I have my own space, how much $$ should I put in a place that I may only be living in for 5 months? Well you know that I usually don’t live by what I “should” do. This is why #1 on my brain is painting. A nice blue of course. A gallon of paint is a small investment for something that will make me happy everyday. My other ideas are a bit more resourceful. One of which is stenciling. My theme? Birds and Chandeliers. I could make this way cool if I knew I was staying for any length of time. Here take a look for yourself.

First let me say that I am located 5 minutes from downtown San Jose, a 1 minute walk to the huge park La Sabana where I go running in the morning, a 5 minute walk to the grocery store, a 3 minute walk to my gym and about a 15 minute walk/ 5 minute bus ride to my office. Now this, is city living!
From the street you enter through a black gate.
Condominio Menorca has 10 condos, all with cute little landscaped front yards with colorful tropical plants. Here is ours.
You enter into the living room which has two huge windows is open to the kitchen, so the whole room is really bright.
The kitchen is open to the living room, a perfect setup for entertainers like us.
There is a separate little dining area off the kitchen too
A very basic bath
And two bedrooms, one with a bed and the other with a desk. Both have a huge closet. I have a queen mattress for anyone that wants to visit, hint hint.
There is a door off the kitchen which goes to a back patio. It would be so perfect for a grill and outdoor furniture surrounded by tons of plants.
Anyway, It’s a great space, but needs some serious decorating. I am so excited because my mom and dad are coming next week, and my mom is one of the most creative people I know, so we will come up with some great budget ideas. I will be sure to post!
What a perfect day! I didn't go to the office today due to several appointments with the apartment. New living room furniture was delivered, the internet and cable was set up and I was awaiting the arrival of a special someone. The first meal cooked in our house was an indian stir-fry by guess who??
BIENVENIDO MI AMOR!!! I am excited to be a married woman again resuming a "home life" with mi Neto...its been 9 months since we lived together alone...way too long! Although the weather has been a bit screwy (heavy winds with light rain while sunny) and my new landlady thinks its a sign of the end of the world, Look a the beautiful rainbow over our new place.
Its a good omen of things to come!

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