Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bienvenido Obama !!

The night before the swearing in Ernesto told me he was thinking of flying to DC for the day. I thought that was a wonderful idea, I wish I could've went with him. He barely made the flight, apparently 94 other Delta employees thought it was a great idea as well. The stand-by list was long. Fortunately both the 630 and 730am flights were "wide open" and Ernesto got on. He was able to take the train right out of the airport to the celebration. He was standing right by the Washington Monument and sent me this picture: He said the energy was amazing...I can imagine with more that 2 million people attending. I love big crowds, I always have. Concerts, rallies, parades..yes, even for Christmas shopping. My #1 -airports. Not nearly as energetic, but we also had a small crowd here in San Jose to watch the inauguration live on CNN. Basically all of the Americans in the office (and one Tico) went to a co-workers house nearby the office and were glued to the TV. Obama's speech was wonderful. I'm sorry. I love him. I really do. Ill leave you with this video, it gave me goosebumps. Love him.

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  1. ti ti, what an amazing day!!!! i love that me goosebumps too!


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