Monday, October 06, 2008

Día Mundial del Hábitat 2008

It was a fun day in the office today. To recognize World Habitat Day (Dia Mundial del Habitat) Diana and I thought of a fun activity. We brought plain white t-shirts and decorated them with paints and markers. I told her that my family had done that on a family vacation and we thought it was a lot of fun.
There was a lot of laughing...and admiringeachothers work, everyone had a unique idea. Here, Lauren, Valeria and I model our finished shirts
Herme, Stephanie, Diana and Judith show theirs off too Marco had a different idea...he used a gluestick and cut out pics of poverty housing and wrote "GOT HOME?" get it?? "Got Milk?" It was a cool idea....until all the pics peel off...... I had a great idea to cut a HOUSE out of the back of the shirt....but I dont like how it turned out, I made it too big and its hard to tell its a house..and my bra stuck looked so much better in my head. oh well, I pinned it up on my cube.....I love the front!
There was an event downtown on Sautrday to celebrate WHD with Malpais, a very popular Costa Rican rock-ish band. We all went to support Habitat Costa Rica (different office than mine) and to enjoy the band. It got pretty crowded. I felt left out because everyone was singing along and I had never heard one of their songs. I have time to learn.
Maureen Flora Me and Diana....Nester was there too....but you know how he likes to wander off.

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  1. best awesome t-shirt eveeer! ;)
    thrid floor people ruleeeeee<3


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