Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing Blog-able???

I was skype-ing with Chris Bush earlier today and he was saying that by the looks of my blog, I am having a great time and really doing a lot in Costa Rica. I told him yes I am, but nothing to report this weekend.
"I didn't really have a bloggable weekend" I told him...and his response?
"What? You didn't do anything bloggable?...that is bloggable in itself!"
I said "Oh my God, you are right!"

So even though I had a great weekend (outdoor fruit & veg market, salsa dancing, cross-fit workouts, aerobics in the park, and cooking) it was a repeater of other weekends in San Jose.
I am always describing my adventures in my blog posts, but maybe you are wondering about my job with Habitat or how my Spanish is progressing, or just about my daily life here. Is it all one big party? hmmmmmm

First of all, I am loving working with Habitat! I could never imagine working for another company while working for Delta, but it is really exciting getting to know the ins-and-outs of another company, especially one as interesting as Habitat. The common thread is that it is also a global company. Habitat operates in about 90 countries around the world. Delta flies to over 100. Now, I am not denying that free flights are the best benefit possible to receive from a job (no contest! whatever you are thinking...I'm sorry, it can't compare to free flights) but to really enjoy your job? This is somthing I have be looking for, and I think I could have this with Habitat. I love the mission of Habitat and the enthusiasm
...especially of the communications dept where I work. Although my project is very specific (set up a "Global Village Sending Program" for Latin America) There always seems to be some exciting project to get involved in.
Although I am not a planner for the future, I have this idea in my head. If I would go back to work at Delta (or another airline) for 10 years...age 42 to 52 let's say, this is all I would need to be able to retire with the free flights for the rest of my life. Shit! That only gives me 8 years...to work in a different field, maybe pop out a few kids (ha! did I just say that?) I have to make it count! Like I said...it's just an idea! Do you ever feel like time is going too fast?

Of course you know me, my mind could change at any moment, with just the mere mention of a new interesting opportunity. I mean... the other area offices for Habitat are in Thailand, South Africa and Slovakia (eastern europe) hmm?

OK, no no no back to Spanish. October 2nd marks 4 months that I have been living in San Jose. There is no doubt that my Spanish has improved. I am so happy that I sit beside Valeria at work. She is a volunteer as well (her mom works for Habitat here) and she is from Peru. Besides the fact that she is a lot of fun, we always speak Spanish together, and I love that. She always corrects me (most of the time without laughing at me) and Im always yelling over the cube or skype-ing to ask her how to say something. Sometimes I ask her to read an email before I send it out to a bunch of people too. She will be leaving for Boston to go to college in January, so that will be sad for me. She is so excited and of course I tell her, this is going to be the best time of her life. ahhhh, to be 18 again!
Ernesto and I are speaking a lot more spanish together here, and when we chat online it is always in Spanish, so that is good. The "problem" is that in the evenings when I come home. Kate, Neto and I always speak English. This must change! Ernesto is leaving in 3 weeks to go back to Atlanta for his lights, and my goal is to plan Spanish activities in the evenings. I have to hang out with natives to ensure that I am speaking Spanish the whole day! Im in the process of setting up a Spanish tutor for extra help too. I have to make the most of my time. I know this much: Im not moving back to the US until I am FLUENT (to my standards) most likely this will take more than one year.

Maureen and I go walking/running every morning. It is wonderful, we meet on the corner at 6am (religiously M-F) and walk to the park (a little over a mile) run 2-3 miles in the park and then walk back. Its great because we really can enjoy the morning before the rain comes....and get lots of exercise!
Besides this, I do cross-fit with ernesto when I can. He has a little gym he goes to for $10 per month, but the hours are 7a-330p, so I dont go with him. Kate has been in Haiti all week, so Ernesto is using her membership at our gym...needless to say-crossfit is no joke! Im sore as shit! I could barely get out of bed! But I love it! Ernesto is obsessed, and I see why...his body has transformed in the 3 months he has been doing it!
My typical lunch is still the "casado" (meat/chicken, rice, black beans, and 2 salads) it is BIG! I either have it delivered or walk to the grocery store MegaLento down the street which has a cafe. (really its called MegaSuper, but Lento means SLOW and that is what they are...so now its MegaLento)
Today was rare, I went out to lunch with 3 co-workers to a Lebanese restuarante. I went there a few months ago and my friend ordered Carne Crudo (raw meat) I have been wanting it ever since. Tico style is to bring your lunch and eat in the breakroom which I normally do, but today I convinced my co-workers to go.
So is life here one big party? I would not say that, but I would say...Im living almost 99% stress free, no house/bills to worry about, and Im getting lots of exercise, dancing alot and speaking Spanish everyday! Life is good!
Any specific questions I can answer for my readers?? I would be happy to ablige.


  1. Helloooooo! I must say, Costa Rico agrees with you,you are looking muy beautiful! I love your long hair, its been awhile since Ive seen it so long! Guess what? I won a sweepstakes from Marriott and won 250,000 delta skymiles!! Am I a lucky biach or what? Looking at maybe March to come down there. Sooooo many miles to come! I will see what we can do. Miss you!

  2. S-L-O-V-A-K-I-A! What, are you kiddin'? We'd practically be next-door neighbors.


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