Wednesday, August 20, 2008


When I got home from work the other day, Neto said he had something funny to show me! I had no idea that what he was about to share with me would be making me laugh the whole weekend. take a look:
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(if you didnt see Ernesto and I dancing in that one, click HERE)
It was all downhill from there. Immediately I went to the JIBJAB website and created this one:

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I called my whole family on skype and actually watched their faces as they watched the video. We were all laughing our asses off! I couldn't stop. Hmmmm, who else can I make a video for??..hmmm 3 guys. Well there are just 3 guys in my office. I added Steve, our director, Andres and Marco. When I showed it to Diana, we were crying.
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We decided it would be perfect to start our weekly dept. meeting with this video. I told Steve at Carla's party Saturday night that I wanted to start off the meeting with a funny video starring him....and he got a little concerned. Diana & I assured him that it was nothing incriminating and he was still scepticle....but we did convince him!
I didn't want the girls in my office to feel left out, so I found this video featuring 5 people:

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Take a look at JIBJAB!

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