Sunday, June 17, 2007


What a beautiful weekend! Charleston was such a great surprise. I guess i had never thought of going, but when our friends decided to get married there, and we heard more about it we started getting excited. We met Marcus and Tori over 2 years through Smita. They are a great couple and we live close by, so that is convenient for getting together.

We flew out Friday and rented a car. The airport was only about 15 mintues from our hotel downtown, where the whole wedding party was staying (we stayed with Sean, who was one of the groomsmen) The Francis Marion Hotel, was a very fitting was full of southern charm.....just like every last detail of the wedding weekend. They hosted a cocktail party friday night that was so nice.....unfortunately I only have one photo, because I had a little too much to drink to remember to take any more. (Can someone send me some please?) We all went out to a bar after the cocktail party and I heard that the rickshaw ride back to the hotel was a blast...wish I could remember that!

Here a group of the guys pose at the cocktail party. Cant remember the guys name at far left, Marcus the Groom, Father of the bride in the middle with the tie, Ven, Sean, and Ernesto.
As you may or may not know, Charleston is on the beach so I had to get my SAND!!!! Although we had a slooooooooow start Saturday morning, we did make to Isle of Palms Beach. Not before we visited the cute-ass little market right outside the hotel. Fresh vegetables, art and jewelry... hmmmmmm?? Maybe an opportunity for Pluma?? I was so cute, and it is every Saturday..... Beautiful garden too.......We drove across this huge bridge and made it to the beach in 15 minutes. The beach was wide and the houses HUGE. We saw a lot of rentals and made a mental note to check out the rates for a family vacation...... We walked on the beach and by the time we sat down, realized that we were hungry. The concierge from the hotel recommended Shem Creek for a seafood lunch, and im glad we listened. We sat outside Red's Ice House on the water. It was pretty packed and boats were parked in front while their owners had drinks/lunch on the deck......

Gotta have at least one self portrait..
After a 45 minute catnap, we got ready and walked down the street to the wedding venue and it was breathtaking. It made me want to get married again. I loved that there were only about 40 close friends and family. It was so intimate and everyone got to know eachother. What wonderful families! Reminded me of my own...lots of fun!!
The elegant tables were set up outside and the food "stations" inside the historical house. (forget the name) A huge tent was set up with a dancefloor and lots of paper lanterns hanging. It was so cool! Their colors were orange and pink and my dress matched PERFECTLY!!!
Look!! Look how beautiful it is!!!! Guess where I bought it?? ...uh huh
Here, the new couple: Marcus & Tori Bermudez....and here the old couple....6 years! Oh my God!! The DJ played a great mix of music and we danced the night away!
The mixed crowd was great too! Below, the Brazilians, an Italian, a Mexican and an American.....hmmm who could that be?

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