Thursday, May 10, 2007


Woo-Hoo!! The new Delta!!!! It has been an exciting few weeks since we emerged from bankruptsy party ...first there was the unveiling of the new livery...its very cool, I think.....and they made it sooooooooo dramatic!! The plane below was hidden behind a HUGE white screen. There were some speeches from the big wigs...yada yada yada (no they really were great actually) and everyone was cheering really loud....they blasted U2's "Its a Beautiful Day" and let the screen drop. The executives, along with 100 lucky emplyees got to ride on the inagural flight that did a "fly-by" the offices, then around Atlanta.
And then it was PARTY TIME!!!!
Smita held a kick-ass "emergance party" at her place!! It was a Monday night, but no one seemed to care!! Plenty of friends, food, drinks, and dancing!!
Our EVP threw our department an awesome party at Compound one of the hottest clubs in the ATL. A few of my friends came over to my house for pre party drinks and the tallest guy below(Scott) had to shower again....hes really weird....doesnt eat all day at work, takes way too many showers, and drops a lot of HR Bombs!!!!He is also my boss!? ( this could be a whole other blogroll)
David, also known as SWARTZ, Me, Maritza, Scott, Mendy, Judd, and Jennifer.
They sold raffle tickets before the party and had some unbelievable prizes, so I bought $20 worth.....and although I didnt win what I wanted....the confirmed business class tickets anywhere Northwest flys, Korean Air tiks (I have to get to Asia) the hotels in europa, the Four Seasons in NY....ooooh the list went on and on.......I was, however the only person in my group that actually won something. What was it?? A half hour in the simulators at Boeing. Now....I know, I's going to be fun! But you know is #1!!!

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