Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free Haircut? Yes, have some....

So I was minding my own business at Kroger, it was 7am for God sake. Ernesto an I woke up to discover we had run out of coffee. I had not taken a shower yet, and was wearing a long sweater and my black furry boots. I thought she was coming over to tell me how cool my boots were, but instead she told me how beautiful I was.......oh? thanks. Then Trea proceded to tell me that she owned a hairsalon in Oakhurst (2 seconds from my house) and that she was shooting a little film to submit to BRAVO to become "Americas Next Top Hairstylist" or at least be on the reality show. "It looks like you need your hair done," she said. Should I be flattered that she picked me? Later I would find out that Trea doesnt hold back. "come into my studio this Sunday and I will give you a makeover as long as you dont mind being filmed."
".....and dont wash your hair that day"Trea said
She wanted me to look horrible for the "before shot"...DONE
"Looks like you have some old blonde highlights in there, but girl you look washed out! Your tan is gone...its not summer anymore....girl, we need to put some lowlights, brown #55, yeah thats it. " I dont admit to knowing anything about coloring my hair, I have only done it for the past 2 years and waited that long because I was always scared of having ROOTS. Im not a high maintenace hair person, PLUS I get it done in Argentina, so it does take some time and planning........obviously from the foto, a trip was way overdue. I was in her salon for almost 4 hours. She had professional photographers and videographers and a few other clients she was working on for the film. I must have seemed nervous, but they ensured me that Trea was a great stylist and she would do a great job.

Yes, I would say she did!

I must say I do like the brown. I have never had my hair this color...look how shiny, I love it!! I though Buenos Aires was cheap, but this takes the cake!

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